ДССК-2560-М27 / SSBR-2560 TDAE

Butadiene-styrene synthetic statistical rubber with increased content of 1,2-bonds of SSBR-2560 TDAE is essentially a polymerization product of 1,3-butdiene with styrene in hydrocarbon solvent in the presence of anionic initiating agent, and it is filled with staining antioxidant and TDAE oil. The polymer contains no nitrosamines and substances that may become a source of nitrosamines.

Release form
Dark-brown pellet
Plastic containers (540 kg net weight) or metal boxes (1080 kg net weigt)
Storage conditions
SSBR-2560 TDAE rubber is kept indoors at maximal temperature +30 ºС. In storage rubber shall be protected from dirt, direct sun rays and atmospheric precipitation.
Shelf life
one (1) year since the date of manufacture
Transportation by any mode of transport.
  • Tire production: tread
  • Conveyor belts
  • Footwear production
  • Technical plates

 Voronezhsintezkauchuk OJSC


 Specification (541 Kb)

 Safety data sheet (307 Kb)

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