СКД-НД/ BR-1243 Nd

Synthetic polybutadiene rubber BR-1243 Nd is a product of polymerization of butadiene in solution in the presence of rare-earth metal-base catalysts with addition of an antioxidant, which contains at least 96% of 1,4-cis-bonds. The polymer contains no nitrosamines or substances that may be a source of nitrosamines.

Release form
Bales of white to light-yellow color
Plastic containers (540 kg net weight) or metal boxes (1080 kg net weigt)
Storage conditions
BR-1243 Nd rubber is kept indoors at maximal temperature +30 ºС. In storage rubber shall be protected from dirt, direct sun rays and atmospheric precipitation.
Shelf life
one (1) year since the date of manufacture
Transportation by any mode of transport
  • Tire production: tread
  • Tire production: sidewall
  • Conveyor belts
  • Driving belts
  • Hoses (hose goods)
  • Asbestos-rubber goods

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