СКН 1855 / NBR 1855

NBR 1855 is copolymer of acrylonitrile (17-20%) and butadiene-1.3 produced by emulsion polymerization, using phytogenous fatty acid soap as an emulsifier according to environmentally friendly technology. Low content of acrylonitrile, good frost-resistance, satisfactory oil resistance.

Release form
Bales of light-yellow to pink or light-beige color depending on used antioxidant
A plastic container 540 kg
Storage conditions
Rubber is kept indoors at maximal temperature +30 ºС. In storage rubber shall be protected from dirt, direct sun rays and atmospheric precipitation
Shelf life
One (1) year since the date of manufacture
Transportation by any mode of transport

 Krasnoyarsk Plant of Synthetic Rubber OJSC


 Specification (195 Kb)

 Safety data sheet (261 Kb)

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