Plant for melting of bitumen

Packaged bitumen, delivered to coating plant, before preparation of road concrete mix it is necessary to make it in liquid condition and warm up till distillation temperature (100°С÷120°С).

The company “Taragot” proposes the plant for melting of bitumen.

Plant for melting of bitumen refers to such series of equipment which significantly allows to optimize expenses and minimize bitumen losses. The plant has a modular construction and allows to receive the melted bitumen during one technological period.

The melting mill allows to remove the bitumen from cardboard boilers owing to heated gas with subsequent melting on tubular heaters.

The plant consists of three chambers for loading by forklift of the packaged bitumen in package (summer, hot climate) or without package. In the bottom there is a cavity for accumulation of the melted bitumen with the capacity of 3 cubic meters. There are pipe registers inside the plant, on which the thermal oil, melted till 150C, circulates. At the same time in the plant are loaded three packages of the packaged bitumen. Under heat the bitumen is melted from the package and drained in accumulated cavity, from which it is periodically evacuated by bitumen pump in normal bitumen container of the coating plant.

Plant capacity, ton/hour
Maximum temperature of heat carrier, C 160
Total area of registers, sq. m. 60
Overall dimensions of plant, mm
length 5846
width 2810
height 2550
Overall dimensions of transport position of plant, mm
length 5457
width 2170
height 2082
Weight of plant, kg 5470
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