Packaged bitumen

The experience of road construction and calculation demonstrate that the quality of bitumen, which share in road concrete mix makes up 5-7%, influences on quality and durability of road surface. Therefore the road builders should, on a priority basis, orientate on quality of bitumen, and the price of bitumen is in direct proportion to quality of road surface.

In order to avoid the quality loss, the bitumen in the transport process and storage should not be affected to solar radiation and higher temperature. The best result of keeping the bitumen’s quality ensures the transportation and storage of bitumen in solid (cold) form, in disposable cubic package with the capacity approximate 1000 liters, which the most fully uses the volume of railway cars and 20-foot containers, thus ensuring the decrease of transport charges.

Delivery of cold packaged bitumen requires the technical support in the form of packing equipment and boiler – melter for melting (preparation) of solid bitumen before its usage at coating plant.

The company JV “TARAGOT” Ltd. proposes the delivery of packaged bitumen in intermediate bulk containers.

Here are the characteristic features of the intermediate bulk container as compared to other types of packages for bitumen:

  • Cubic form ensures the compact arrangement at multi-level storage and optimization of transport process, i. e. saving of transport and storage costs.
  • Weight (gross) at the average approximate 800-1065 kg allows to use forklift trucks, as well as at most to apply 20-foot containers and different types of covered wagons: usage of carrying capacity of 20-foot containers till 98%, in covered wagons – till 95%.
  • Specific weight of tare makes up no more than 7% from the weight of the intermediate bulk container filled with bitumen, and is the minimal among analogous disposable and reusable containers for transportation of bitumen.
  • Easy to unpack. Using simple tools, such as angle grinder, removal of package from the boiler of hard bitumen takes approximate 2 minutes. Summer and during hot climate it is reasonable to melt the bitumen without removal of the package.
  • Ecological compatibility of package. According to the data of the Institute of Energy and Environment (USA) the weight and type of material, from which the package is manufactured, at most influence on environment. Cardboard is the leader in all ecological parameters. As long as the package at 98% is manufactured of natural materials: cardboard, veneer, boards, - the negative influence of usage and utilization of package is minimally.

The lacks of packaged bitumen may be: rise in prices of material at the moment of purchase, though ir is compensated by summary resource saving. According to estimated calculations this saving reaches 25% from the price of purchased bitumen. So, let’s calculate what kind of saving we could do, purchasing the packaged bitumen:

  • energy saving at warming of bitumen;
  • saving at transportation, because now there will be the possibility to transport only necessary quantity of material without application of specialized wagons and bitumen distributors;
  • saving of tangible assets in connection with the absence of necessary in maintenance of bitumen storage;
  • resource saving in connection with the absence of nonselected remainders of material in container;

Transportation and storage of bitumen in intermediate bulk containers.

Filled containers are transported by all types of transport; distance of transportation is not limited. The transportation is carried out under environmental conditions: air temperature (-50 till +50C), relative air humidity till 98%. In the transport vehicle the intermediate bulk container accommodates 1-3 tiers. The container makes the loading/unloading by means of forklift with the capacity of 1.5-2.5 ton, length of pitchfork no less than 900 mm, depth – no less than 55 mm.

Economic benefits at delivery of packaged bitumen in intermediate bulk containers.

  1. Occupancy of railway containers with the packaged bitumen (net) makes up 19.85 ton in the intermediate bulk containers, and 16.8 ton in steel barrels, therefore the transport charges per 1 ton of bitumen in intermediate bulk container will be on 15% less, than at transportation of bitumen in steel barrels of 210 kg.
  2. Specific weight of tare: intermediate bulk container till 7%, steel barrels till 10%.

Storage of packaged bitumen

Filled intermediate bulk containers are stored in stacks in 2-3 tiers. It is allowed the storage of containers in open plane surface with shed for protection against natural precipitations.

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