Road bitumen is manufactured at petroleum refineries from different types of oil, with different properties and chemical composition. As a result there is formed a complex dispersive mixture composed of heterorganic compounds and hydrocarbon, which does not boiled-off even at high temperatures of oil refining.

Road bitumen is one of the important construction materials. It is used as a binding material in construction and repair of roads, as well as of aerodrome surfaces. Excellent adhesive and hydrophobic properties of bitumen allow to use it in production of roofing material, for construction of house footing, surfacing of urban streets, pipe laying.

The general structure of the road bitumen determines its technical properties: fragility and temperature easing, tension, penetration. Therewith all these data are different for primary and already warmed bitumen, imitating the aging moment.

Road bitumen is divided into viscous bitumen and liquid bitumen. Just viscous bitumen is used in different types of road works as the binding material during construction and repair.

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