The company “TARAGOT” proposes a wide range of services on providing an interrupted work of road builders, from manufacturer to consumer without any intermediary at the earliest possible date and best prices.

Plant for melting of bitumen

Packaged bitumen, delivered to coating plant, before preparation of road concrete mix it is necessary to make it in liquid condition and warm up till distillation temperature (100°С÷120°С).

The company “Taragot” proposes the plant for melting of bitumen.

Packaged bitumen

The experience of road construction and calculation demonstrate that the quality of bitumen, which share in road concrete mix makes up 5-7%, influences on quality and durability of road surface. Therefore the road builders should, on a priority basis, orientate on quality of bitumen, and the price of bitumen is in direct proportion to quality of road surface.


Road bitumen is manufactured at petroleum refineries from different types of oil, with different properties and chemical composition. As a result there is formed a complex dispersive mixture composed of heterorganic compounds and hydrocarbon, which does not boiled-off even at high temperatures of oil refining.

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